Shemale with Sensual Lips

Shemales with sensual lips are a real turn on for most men. I for one love them when they are nice and fat and juicy and look like they MUST have a cock in them really fast or they will start to hurt. Take for instance the sensual lips on this girl from tranny sex nation. Soft and full and read to suck some cock.

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Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy looking at her tits her legs and hips and her nice ass and her amazing hair but I love to see the lips pressed against my cock. Or as she licks my ass and up the shaft of my cock. I can just imagine her lips and tongue starting at my ass and moving slowly up until she is kissing me nice and deep and hard.

Hot mouth
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See in this second image it looks like someone just pulled their cock out of her mouth while she was jerking off? She came and I would have busted my nut on those sensual shemale lips.