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This Stunning Blonde Shemale is Blondie Johnson and she is one of the new girls in the group with Ana Mancini. If you have ever seen any of their sites then you know getting a membership to them is worth every penny and much more. Blondie is from Argentina and speaks Spanish, French and also some English. She is super nice and replies to all my mails. And god what a body she has!

While watching some of her new videos the other day I sent her an email, cock in hand and asked her about it, and she was sooo nice as to tell me how hot she got shooting the shower scene that when it was over she started to use a dildo on her ass while masturbating for the 6th time that day.

Blondie has a nice big cock and some amazing looking tits. She over all has one of the hottest bodies of all the shemales I have ever seen and she also loves to fuck both men and women. In fact she has a great video of her fucking a hot blonde chick.

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Have you heard about this girl. Her name is Kayla KO and she is one of the hottest Black shemales that now has her own site. She has a Huge round ass, some nice big tits and a nice big and hard cock. And she loves to top or bottom and that makes her great to fuck. Just wait until you see some of her videos with her doing both.

I know that you can not see much of her body in these photos, but she really has a great body. I am trying to get new photos from her that show more. Kayla is a one of a kind busty black shemale and she really loves to get naked by saves most of that for her members area!

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Do you like a Hot blonde Shemale? How about a hot blonde Latina shemale? Naked blonde shemale? I know I do and I love them all. Hot, naked blonde ready and sexy! I just want to eat them up and fuck them hard. Check out the one we have here today. She is a Bit of a Fetish babe and the site she is from is all about hot shemales with hot bodies and girls that love to get fucked!

This blonde shemale has a nice firm set of small tits on her, with a great tight little ass and a medium size cock that gets nice and hard. She is more than willing to take your ass from behind as well but prefers to have her cock sucked and then her ass fucked form behind while you cup her tits. I would grab those tits nice and hard and use them as handles to ram her ass nice and deep!

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How important to you is the Hair? For me, it is usually the first thing that I notice. I love long and dark hair. Tits are next but a chick with really great hair will always attract my attention. Check out this babe. Perfect hair, nice lips and a pretty face.

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On your shemales, do you prefer a long cock or a short one. I am still a bit Torn ( hehehe ) on this one. A Long cock feels great hitting the back of my throat, but the shorter ones feel much better in my ass.

If you have not guessed yet by the topic name this babe has a really long cock. She looks amazing in the photos and the videos prove that her cock is the real deal and ready for some hot ass fucking any time you want to put out.

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