Anal in High Heels

Anal in High Heels.

Yes guys it gets hot when the trans girl of your dreams is wearing high heels. Then it becomes a hot session of Anal in High Heels and that makes it even hotter. The high heels make your cock harder looking at her legs flexed and her tight round ass sticking out asking for an anal fuck! So get your cock hard, out and lubed and take her hole like you never have before. Just look at Keira Verga in the photo set below doing just that. She had just arrived for a photo shoot and the guy with the camera could not stop himself.

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Anal in High Heels

If you want to know what it is like to get into that tight ass, just click on the image above or one of the text links. Make sure once you get into the members area of Keira’s site to leave comments on the sets that make you the hardest.

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