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Asian shemale

Asian shemale!  How much are you in love with Asian Shemales? Me, I love them 100% and also love to fuck them.  Furtherore they always have such hard bodies great asses and firm hard tits. And another thing, most of them love Foreign cock so when I whip mine out I always see a big […]

Long cock

Long Cock

Long Cock! On your shemales, do you prefer a long cock or a short one. I am still a bit Torn ( hehehe ) on this one. A Long one feels great hitting the back of my throat, but the shorter ones feel much better in my ass. If you have not guessed yet by […]

Sapphire Young

Sexy Sapphire Young!

Sexy Sapphire Young! Do you draw a line between Shemale, Tranny and Ladyboy? I do but based on how they Look. Take for instance the Sexy Sapphire Young. This girl is AMAZING and has a great personality and interacts with her site members. I have not yet talked to one that would call her anything […]

Ladyboy girlfriend

Ladyboy Girlfriend

Ladyboy Girlfriend shows off her nice firm ass and even firmer tits. And she looks great doing it. Im not sure what building these were shot in but having a hot ass ladyboy like this plastered against a window for the entire city to see is damn HOT! What do you think about her? Make […]

Ladyboy body

Sexy Tranny posing

One of the things that I look for when checking out shemale porn is the girls that can pose the sexiest.  Sexy Tranny posing to me, if they are hot and can not pose, I dont find them as interesting. But if they know how to pose, have a nice body and over all attractive, […]

Bikini body

Shemales in Bikinis

Don’t you just love a sexy Shemales in Bikinis? I know I do. I don’t know what it is about a bikini versus lingerie, but they seem to look sooo much hotter. Maybe it’s the idea of Shemales in Bikinis, that they can walk down any street or even hit the beach in a bikini […]

Shemale Sapphire Young

Shemale Sapphire Young! This is the amazing and Lovely Sapphire Young. She has an amazing body, is a true and natural beauty and also has a sexy as hell cock on her. She is technically a ladyboy but because she is sooo hot, I tend to call her and think of her as a Shemale! […]

Glass dildo

Toys and Cocks

Its all Toys and cocks for Ann the sexy little ladyboy that your really going to like. She just wants something stuffed into her ladyboy pussy! And a dildo or also a cock will do the trick. Ann also has a big of a kink side. Just take a look at the balls on the […]

Bikini body

Petite Ladyboy

A Petite Ladyboy can be a great fuck, and that’s just what we have here. Nice small body firm little tits and a nice cock with one of the tightest asses you have every sunk your cock into! Trust me when I say this is a hard thrust, it is. Click the image to see […]


Ladyboy Dressup

Do you like a little Ladyboy dressup ? Lots of them seem to like getting dreseedup in little outfits. Maybe it comes from wanting to please maybe its just from working in the bar’s where the theme helps them attract guys. I personally would never pick a ladyboy just based on her outfit but how […]

dark skin

Black Asian Shemale

This Black Asian Shemale is a rare find indeed and it’s sooo nice that I found her on this hot porn site. She has an amazing hardbody with plenty of muscle. And also a nice set of tits and a nice long hard cock. With the black Asian mix it seems that we got the […]