Ass fucked outdoors!

Have your ever had a chance to do something a bit on the wild side with your favorite trans girl? Like getting ass fucked outdoors? Not you, her. You getting on top of her with the grass brushing your balls? Also the birds chirping while you hammer her love hole? Picture it. Your outside working. Doing the garden or maybe painting the house. Its kind of hot and you call down to your girl to bring you something refreshing. Your thinking lemon-aid or a beer!

She walks out in a very small sundress. So small in fact that her big tranny tits are pulling at the fabric on top. As you look down from your ladder, or up from the grass you can see she has on no panties and her cock has started to get hard. Its sticking out and pushing the dress away from her body.

Ass fucked outdoors

You would jump down from your ladder or drop your cutters and run to take the drink from her. After a quick guzzle of the liquid you would reach over and kiss her and work her dress off of her sweat glistening body. Then take her tits in one hand and stroke her cock with the other, all while guiding her to the grass. Once she is laid back you would stick your cock into her love hole that that so desired Ass fucked outdoors scene.

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