Blonde on Blonde

Blonde on Blonde. How often do we get to watch this sort of Hotness? Now for those of you who do not know, these two hot blondes are Naomi Chi and Percy Princess. Both blonde and both always ready for a fuck. They had never met before this photo shoot. However when Percy walked in, she went over to Naomi and kissed her right on the lips. That right there started the hotness you will see in the movie. It was a blonde on Blonde moment and it never stopped being that.

Of the two girls Naomi has the bigger tits and also the bigger trans girl cock. She is also the more sexually aggressive. And that of course is nice and hot. As you can see in this photo, its not only Blonde on blonde, but Naomi ON Percy. She leaned into to kiss her and took Percy’s cock in hand and started masturbating her right away.

Both of these ladies loved the idea of having some hot sex fun. And the movies they made show that very clearly. Each getting the others cock hard. Kissing and also sucking on each others tits. Enjoying each others love holes.

If you are interested in watching this movie just click on the image or a text link. Your cock is telling you yes. So make sure and click.
Blonde on Blonde

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