Ladyboy Dressup

Do you like a little Ladyboy dressup ? Lots of them seem to like getting dreseedup in little outfits. Maybe it comes from wanting to please maybe its just from working in the bar’s where the theme helps them attract guys. I personally would never pick a ladyboy just based on her outfit but how good and hot she makes that outfit look! Take for instance this tight little body ladyboy. What an amazing shape with the hard body and perfect looking tits and then of course that long and irresistible cock of hers. Come and Play Ladyboy Dressup!

Sexy ladyboy playing dressup
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Did you notice how her cock and balls are peeking out from the side of her little panties?? Thats suck a hot area to see.. If you kneel down next to her on the bed you can caress that area while sucking on her tits and also kissing her. Then once she starts to get hard you slide your fingers down the outline of her panties until you find her tight little ladyboy pussy and slip a finger in and watch her cock rise the rest of the way.

Sexy dark skin ladyboy dressup
If you want to see more of her click the image to check out the site!

If you can get her into a position like this with her feel spread just a little wider then you slip in between them on your knees and slide your cock into her ladyboy pussy and slam that tight little hole all you can.. Fuck it nice and hard and deep and watch the pleasure and pain cross her face. Dont forget to give her tits some like while pounding her ass.

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