Licking Mariana Cordobas Balls.

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to be in the position of Licking Mariana Cordobas balls. Not just literally but figuratively as well? Just think about the action in its self. Licking Mariana Cordobas balls. To be in that position its going to take two things. Number one is your going to have to meet her. Or at least conjure her up in your dreams. Then number two is you would have to get your face next to those lovely balls. Can you just imagine the pleasure of being in the position of either and especially the latter?

Since you have not yet seen this movie. Can you picture yourself being on the floor in front of Mariana Cordoba. She is sitting back on the sofa with her dress pulled up and her legs spread wide. That massive cock is standing up. And her balls are waiting for your tongue to caress them!

Licking Mariana Cordobas balls

How hot would this be. What would you do if you got into this position. Would you lick those balls and then lick the shaft of her huge cock as well? Could you then take that cock deep into your throat. Would you drink her cum if she shot her load while you had her cock in your mouth?

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