Mariana Cordobas balls

So what would you do with Mariana Cordobas balls if you had the chance? I mean just think about it for a few minutes. Mariana Cordoba is perhaps one of the most famous names of all the trans girls in the world. With some of the biggest tits, a big round ass and a massive cock she really makes in impression in photos and also in movies. So if you had the chance to get your hands on Mariana Cordobas balls what would you do?

Most men say that they would first test the weight in their hands. Once they had a good grip, leaning down and close they would suck those balls right into their mouth, and then work their way along her shaft until the head was right in front of their lips. Then they would gently put their lips on the head of her cock and start sucking. Making sure to put lots of pressure on the head of her cock before it crossed their teeth.

Click on the image below to check out more of this photo. Its actually a screen grab from a video and that’s the description of this hot and amazing action.

Mariana Cordobas Balls

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