Naomi Chi fucks Nikki Montero

Well its about time. Someone has finally turned the tables on Nikki Montero and that is the tight little slut Naomi Chi. Yep that is what its called Naomi Chi fucks Nikki Montero! Now this movie was made before she became the curvy sex goddess that we know today. But she still had that night tight little ass on her. And Naomi had that big trans girl cock of hers and she was not afraid to use it. So once it got hard, Naomi stuck it right up Nikkis ass and did not even think twice about it. Then she went to town pounding the hell out of her love hole.

Right below here we have a nice screen cap photo of Naomi Chi Fucks Nikki Montero. It was fun watching these ladies getting naked. Stroking each others cocks and then kissing and playing with each others hole.

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Naomi Chi fucks Nikki Montero

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