Nina StrongHold and Angeles Cid

Have you ever dreamed of a dream team of trans girls? How about Nina StronHold and Angeles Cid together. On a bed and wearing lingerie. Maybe doing some kissing, and touching. Maybe if your lucky even doing some of the ass fucking. Now Toss yourself into the middle of Nina StrongHold and Angeles Cid. Get the picture? Can you imagine the fun that you can have with this shemale on shemale action. Blonde on brunette. Big tits on big tits?

Picture it. You slip onto the bed as these two beauty trans girls kiss. They have their lingerie still partially on. You move in and start kissing Nina. You roll her over and kiss down her back and to her ass. Then lick her hole and drop some lube onto it. As you drop down onto Nina and her ass your cock sinks deep into her hole. Angeles is guiding your shaft down. Now that you are in, you feel Angeles doing to same to you. First she licks your ass and then lubes it. The massive head of her cock meets your hole and slowly penetrates you. And with each push into you, your own cock rams into Nina.

Does that sound hot to you? Well Both Nina StrongHold and Angeles Cid are waiting for you. Click the photo or a text link.
Nina StrongHold and Angeles Cid

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