SheLesbian Deep Anal

Nikki was ready for some hot SheLesbian deep anal and so were we. So the minute she hooked up with another trans girl we got this video from her. Now we want you to note that Nikki is a top or active as some people call it. She likes to be balls deep in tranny ass and that means its SheLesbian Deep anal all the way for her. So watch out if you ever hook up with her as she likes to do the same to a man.

Now on to this photo. It is of course a video capture of Nikki balls deep in this girls ass hole. And as you can see both of the girls were loving the action. In fact the girl on the bottom ended up shooting one of the biggest cum loads of her life. Nikki’s cock was slamming down onto her prostate and she really liked it. She said the cream built up in her balls until it hurt and that the cum load shooting out was sweet pleasure.

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SheLesbian Deep anal

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