Sucking Angeles Cid

More than half the planet knows the name of Angeles Cid. And a huge number also know the name of Nina StrongHold. Well, I being the lucky and hard working fan of them both. Did a favor for the world. I got them both into the same hotel room and got them naked. What happened then is all on video and for you to truly enjoy! Now take a look at the photo below that was taken during the recording of the video. Talk about super hot sucking angeles cid.

As you can see it did not take long for these two girls to get super hot. Angeles Cid has that swinging cock always half way hard and Nina was hot for that pole. Sucking Angeles Cid was on Nina’s bucket list and she got to cross it off in a big way. And I have to admit that I busted a nut watching.

Click on the image below to check out more of this set.
Sucking Angeles Cid

This is just one of those movies that you will kick yourself for missing out on. So simply put. Do not miss out on this.

Both Nina and Angeles are waiting for your comments and kind words. So make sure and post them here and in the members area. Get in and get off watching Sucking Angeles Cid!

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