Thick trans girls

Have you heard the phrase Thick Trans girls? And if you have, what girls name came to mind? For me its always the same two names, so I figured I would share a photo of them two hot ladies together.

So the Thick trans girls for me that come to mine are none other than Naomi Chi and Nina StrongHold. Both of these ladies not only match the description of Thick trans girls. But they exceed it. And not in a fat way. They both have perfect thick bodies. Big tits, and round asses. Naomi has a big cock while Nina has a smaller one.

Naomi Chi is more on the active side for sex. That means that she would love to have her cock stuffed into her ass. But once you fill her hole with cream, she then wants to bend you over and return the favor. But not to worry she will be gentle.

As for Nina she has the same thick body but is 100% passive. That is until you get her hot. So just ignore her cock when things first start out and it will all go well. If you see her cock getting hard then you are doing to amazing job and she might be willing to fuck your ass as well. Just ask her.

Click on the image below to see more of this set right now!
Thick trans girls

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