Trans girl 69

How many trans girls do you know? From all the trans girls I have ever talked with. They all love and want and chase around a trans girl 69. Ha. In all honesty it does not even have to be a trans girl 69 as long as it is a 69. You do her and she does you! From some reason this seems to be the number 1 sex position that trans girls desire. I guess its a much easier position when the girl has a cock as well. You do not have to be so close and can breathe a lot easier. Further more the Trans girl can mimic your actions. If you push your hips forward to go deeper into her mouth, she can do the same. Maybe thats the draw to a Trans girl 69.

No matter what it is, have you ever seen a hotter 69 than the one in the photo below? Yeah the girl on the right side of the image is PornStar Mariana Cordoba. She was much younger in this image and that is why her hair is shorter and much different than you are used to seeing. The blonde is a real beauty but I dont recall her name. But who ever she is, she loved being with PornStar Mariana Cordoba. And she was happy to take that cock in her mouth as deep as she could. And also taking that cock into her ass as deep as she could. Talk about fucking hot!

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Trans girl 69

Yes. I want to get into this scene with Mariana Cordoba.

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