Ana Mancini outdoors!

Ana Mancini outdoors! Yep. I wanted to get out into the country and see how things would look on camera with me showing my titties so I took off on a long drive until we found an old farm that no one seems to be using any more. Once there We started to roll the camera just for you.

Ana Mancini outdoors

You can see how green and beautiful and sunny it was that day, but the real thing thats going to capture your attention about these photos is what you see in the photo below. Yes the green grass and blue sky is nice but there is nothing like a big set of tits on a beautiful shemale.

Showing tits outside

I know its hard to believe that this beautiful face and amazing set of tits belong to a shemale, but they really do. This is the World famous Ana Mancini outdoors!

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