Apples ass.

So guys its time to get a little of Apples ass. Just take a look at the photo below and tell me you would not sink your cock deep in that hole!

Picture it. You make a date with your girl Apple. You tell her to meet you at a hotel and you should arrive about the same time. But as you walk out of the office, the boss stops you to introduce the new assistant. Of course you are trying to be polite even though you have a date. You realize that as the new assistant approaches that she is actually kind of hot so you spend a few easy minutes chatting. Then off you go for date night.

Now you arrive and you are 20 minutes late. GREAT! You take your key, open the door and walk in to find Apple in this position on this chair. What would you do first. Other than drop your things on the bed?
Apples ass

I think I would start by approaching her as she is. Removing my shirt and shoes and starting to drop my pants. At the same time I would lean in and start to kiss and caress that tight ass. Using one hand to touch her and the other to get my clothes off. Then once naked I would use both hands to spread her cheeks and lick her love hole to get her nice and lubed. Then begin stroking her cock from behind. Once her breathing was fast enough I would get up behind her and slide my cock deep inside! Going into Apples ass would be the highlight of the day.

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