Hardcore anal.

We all know that getting a girl to do hardcore anal is not always an easy thing. This of course is one of the things that makes us lean towards a Trans girl rather than a GG. The trans girls love hardcore anal. They love to give and receive. That does not mean that you getting fucked is a must but it will show your trans girl that you care and that goes a long way. Think of it as pleasing and in turn being pleased. The more you give the more she will give back.

Also keep in mind that a trans girl has something a GG does not. No I dont mean a cock and I dont mean the desire for hardcore anal sex. But they do have the constant desire for sex and they can never get enough of it. That means a lot of handjobs, blowjobs and anything else any time and most often anywhere!

Hardcore anal

Take a close look at the photo above and tell me you would not love getting into some anal with this trans doll. She is hot and beautiful with an amazing body that just screams sex.

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