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Few men have had a ladyboy fuck like Mia. She caught the attention of the camera guy. Well let me tell the story about her the right way. When she saw him looking at her and admiring her body. Lets say she tool things into her own hands rather than waiting for the guy to come over.

So the camera guy goes to the club, orders a beer and sits down. Within a few minutes he sees Mia across the room. She is dancing and half naked. Big firm titties showing her of course her big ladyboy ass sticking out. She is scanning the room for a mark when she noticed him. So she gets off the stage and struts over. As soon as she arrived she reaches down and grabs his cock.

She does not just hold onto his cock. She starts to stroke it as best she can under his jeans. Then she tells him she wants to fuck him. She wants him to fuck her ladyboy ass and she wants to fuck his ass. So the camera guy says. Ok, as long as he can record it. She agrees and off they go. She gets paid and he gets a hot ladyboy fuck!

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Ladyboy fuck

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