Two trans girls

Who wants to watch two trans girls getting naked? Well if you said me. Then get in line because I think we all want to see that. And more so when its two girls we know. Who are they? Simple. We have TaniaQ and Angeles Cid. Both trans girls with great bodies and both trans girls with big cocks. Now do you know which is which? And also do you know what those girls like?

For TaniaQ, she is the girl that is a bit more of a brunette. She has nice firm implant tits and a very tight little ass. But she also has a nice big and fat tranny cock. Because Tania is more active than passive she is going to want you to suck her big cock and then let her fuck you in the ass. As for Angeles Cid. She is the blonde. She also has big tits as you can see but she has a huge tranny cock. And Angeles is also more active than passive. Meaning that after you suck her monster cock she is going to fuck your ass with her huge tranny cock. So get ready for that!

Check out the sample movie below. Then click on the image that you see just below that. It will take you to the tour of Tania’s site and you can get your membership there and see the rest of this movie. Nothing like watching two trans girls getting naked.

Two trans girls

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