Mariana Cordoba ass fucked.

This is one of those scenes you have been wanting to see. Not only wanting but searching for and needing to watch. Mariana Cordoba ass fucked is a video that was made because she wanted to move into this new apartment and did not have the deposit money. True story. So she made a deal with the landlords care taker. He could come and fuck her tight ass 1 time a month for 4 months to pay for the deposit. He of course took her up on the offer and the video of Mariana Cordoba ass fucked was born.

Mairana of course loved fucking this guy so much. He was versatile and that meant that she could fuck his ass as well. So she actually filmed a number of movies with him after this one. As we all know any man that can take Mariana’s cock is someone to be respected! But even more so because he caught her attention and she wanted and needed more!

Mariana Cordoba

Not all trans girls really enjoy a good ass fucking. Just depends. If they are 100% active or a top then they dont really enjoy it. However they adore sliding their cock into your hole. Mariana has always been more versatile because she has such a desire to please. She also loves being pleased as well.

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