Mariana Cordoba Hung Trans.

Mariana Cordoba Hung trans, is one of the most famous shemales on the planet and you can see why.  She is Really really HUNG like a horse and knows how to use that monster cock of hers. Mariana also loves getting fucked in her tight ass and that’s the best part. Not only can you reach around her and hold those big heavy tits, but you can also stroke that huge cock of hers and enjoy the weight and length in your hand.

Just picture it in your mind.. Mariana Cordoba Hung Trans!   You go to a real estate office and this beauty is sitting behind the desk. Those cute glasses adorn her face and make her eyes sparkle. You can clearly see by her white blouse she is not wearing a bra and that her massive tits are straining against the buttons. Of course you turn on the charm. Smiling and wink and flit. Did you already realize she is a trans or will it be a surprise when you flip her skirt up. Either way you finally get her to turn in her chair and you flip her skirt up to discover the bugle hiding under her white cotton panties.

Now you gently slide a hand up her legs and caress the cotton and feel the pulsing of her huge trans cock. Squeeze it a little. And then gently start to pull her panties down while clicking her thighs.  Also remember to pop a few buttons on her blouse and suck on her nipples. Doing all this just as that massive love rod flops out into your hands.

Mariana Cordoba Hung Trans

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