Angeles Cid

Angeles Cid is one of the most perfect shemales that you will EVER find. She has an amazing body a huge cock and is one of the prettiest and most natural looking girls on the planet. You would walk her in front of any crowd and they would all think she was a natural born female. She is a blonde beauty and like I said Nice and HUNG! Her cock is as pretty as she is, and her ass is even prettier. In fact, I dont think I have come across a prettier shemale on this planet and I personally have been looking far and wide. Hence the reason that Angeles Cid is my all time favorite!

Angeles Cid is the perfect beauty
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In these two photos Angeles Cid is posing in some sexy black lingerie and she looks stunning. I actually did focus more on her face as I wanted you all to see how pretty she really is. But I also wanted to share a bit of her amazing body. She has some hot tits that could really use a cum load shot across them as well as a nice and tight ass that could use a pounding. But dont forget that once you unload in that ass, its her turn to shove her massive pole in yours and give as good as she got!

Hottest Shemale Angeles Cid
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